Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

02) SMiLE Era - 1988 Mark Linett Rough Mixes Compilation

This is an essential SMiLE compilation by Mark Linett. And here it is in glorious "lossless" FLAC format. Enjoy. Next up? How about some obscure 70's concerts?

Info and scans:


01) Landlocked / Adult Child

First post is one of the first I ever owned, the fabulous "Landlocked / Adult Child" Pegboy release from 1997. Want more info about it? Check here:

This one is "lossy" (256 kbps) but I will post others in "lossless" as well.

Next up: "SMiLE Era - 1988 Mark Linett Rough Mixes Compilation" in lossless FLAC format.