Thursday, October 20, 2011

55) Brian Farts Into His Piano: Take 8 Complete!!!

Seeing as that it won't be included in the boxed set and remains unbooted I decided to share the complete take 8 of "Brian Farts Into His Piano". A very unusual session indeed! It only makes one wonder what takes 1 - 7 sounded like and what Brian's intentions were with this quickly forgotten experiment.....

MP3 (1.72 Mb)

AVI (164.07 Mb)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

54) Landylocked

A request for Jvct. There are several versions of these sessions out there. This one I only have in MP3. If you haven't heard it yet, well you need to. I love these Paley produced songs. So whacky. Highlight: "You're Still A Mystery".

Oh, well, HERE IT IS.

53) Good Vibrations From London TV Special (1972/06/03)

Sometime early last year a package was sent to me with this cd. The guy had recorded an FM broadcast of this television show on a reel to reel and said it was a significant upgrade of what existed before. When I listened to it, I was blown away. It's a very strange stereo mix you'll have to say!

This recording has not yet circulated so this is the first place to discover it. I did not include the other acts (Sha Na Na, Richie Havens, Melanie and Joe Cocker) as this is a BB blog. Here we go with 3 songs:

01) Do It Again (2:51)
02) Wild Honey (2:42)
03) Help Me Rhonda (3:29)

Total Time = 9:02 but some of the best 9 minutes you'll want to put on any of your 70's BB concert mixes!!!


Keep yer shoes on!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

52) Miscellaneous Unbooted Tracks

Don't get too excited about this post. I found this on one of my old data dvds but wasn't moved that greatly. Some of it has found its way out on "Winds Of Change". Some are OOPSed songs from Friends album. I added the "hot" mix of "Rock And Roll Music" to make it a little more interesting. Here's the line-up:

01) Amusement Parks USA - Alternate Version (3:04)
02) Darlin' - With Harp Tag (2:56)
03) Match Point Of Our Love - Alt Version #1 (3:22)
04) Match Point Of Our Love - Alt Version #2 (3:21)
05) Meant For You - Backing Track (:39)
06) Mony Mony - Alternate Mix (2:47)
07) Pitter Patter - Alt Version (3:26)
08) Rock And Roll Music - "Hot" Alt Mix (2:57)
09) She's Got Rhythm - Alt Mix (2:37)
10) Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - 1975 Rehearsal (2:20)
11) Wake The World - Backing Track (1:33)
12) Wontcha Come Out Tonight - Alt Version (2:18)
13) You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone - Single Mix (3:31)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

51) The Priess Tape

I don't have any information on this collection other then I downloaded it some years ago and it is MP3 format. Here's a tracklist:

01) Heroes And Villains - Fade (1:09)
02) Who Ran The Iron Horse? (:29)
03) Bicycle Rider #1 (:25)
04) Bicycle Rider #2 (:25)
05) Heroes And Villains - 1st Verse (:46)
06) Let The Wind Blow - Amy Vocal (2:11)
07) I'm So Young (2:11)
08) Barbara - Piano (1:07)
09) I Don't Know (2:27)
10) Lazy Lizzie (3:45)
11) H.E.L.P. (2:09)
12) Sherry She Needs Me (2:32)
13) New Orleans (2:33)
14) You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (3:33)
15) Baseball (2:02)
16) Life Is For The Living (1:46)
17) "Mike Love" (2:23)
18) Almost Summer (2:06)
19) Still I Dream Of It (3:15)
20) Games Two Can Play (1:54)
21) It's Over Now (2:41)
22) Lines (1:34)


I've been wondering about the track "I Don't Know". On January 12th, 1967 Dennis produced a session for a song of his with this title. According to Mr. Badman's research the line-up would have been this:
Bruce Johnston - keyboards
Carol Kaye - bass guitar
Tommy Morgan - harmonica
Bill Pitman - guitar
Lyle Ritz - upright bass
Carl Wilson - guitar
Dennis Wilson - drums

And what I hear on this recording are guitars, bass and drums (sounding much more like Hal Blaine to these ears). No harmonica or upright bass. So what in the hell is this? Is this even a BB production? Well...simply..."I don't know".....

Update: A very wise man had this to say:
OK - "I Don't Know" is the instrumental track to Bruce & Terry's "Dont Run Away", recorded 2/15/1966 at Columbia
... and "New orleans" is actually "New England Waltz", a Love You outtake recorded March 1977.

So there you have it then!

Monday, August 1, 2011

50) The Beach Boys Story (BBC 6)

I've really been enjoying this radio program that aired in 6 parts in June, 2011. Since I live in the States I never got to hear it until now. Fascinating interviews, interesting insights, etc. Well here it is! Each part is an hour long and is an MP3 (128 kbps) so not too hard on your hard drive:

PART 1: Beach Boards And Buggies
PART 2: On The Crest Of A Wave
PART 3: Pet Sounds
PART 4: SMiLE And Meditation
PART 5: Trying To Change The Label
PART 6: Making Waves

49) Brian Wilson on Howard Stern Show

Two shows to share with you here. The first is from February, 1989. The notes I got with it say this:

Brian Wilson
1989 02 xx
The Howard Stern Show


Brian Wilson stops by the Hollywood Roosevelt
Hotel to talk to Howard Stern during a week of shows
celebrating the Grammy awards.

I'm not a Wilson/Beach Boys fan but I saved this show
just because it was so wacky. (But then it's Brian Wilson
so what else would you expect?) For example:

Stern: You guys live together?
Wilson: No, not in the same house, no - in the same world, yeah.


This comes in 3 parts:


The second show is from July 24th, 1998 and is in a heavily compressed MP3 format (64 kbps) but it is all I have.


Friday, July 29, 2011

48) California Feeling

01) California Feeling (2:50)
02) California Dreamin' (3:04)
03) Brian's Back (2:45)
04) Skatetown USA (2:13)
05) We're Together Again (2:05)
06) Sherry She Needs Me (2:45)
07) Our Team (2:31)
08) River Song (4:12)
09) How About A Little Bit Of Your Sweet Love (1:30)
10) One Of A Kind (3:11)
11) I'm Begging You Please (1:42)
12) Marilyn Rovell (1:54)
13) Santa Ana Winds (2:54)
14) We Gotta Groove (2:13)
15) Looking Down The Coast (3:18)
16) Carry Me Home (3:56)
17) Lazy Lizzie (3:57)
18) Be My Baby (3:01)
19) You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (3:53)
20) Ruby Ruby (2:25)
21) Mony Mony (2:51)
22) Calendar Girl (3:40)

Total Time = 1:02:50


Mystery Bonus Tracks

Sunday, July 24, 2011

47) We Gotta Groove

This one is in MP3 format and does not come with a cover or any info. However it is essential to have in your collection.

01) Good Timin' - Track (1:49)
02) We Gotta Groove (1:59)
03) Calendar Girl (2:57)
04) Santa Ana Winds (2:42)
05) Looking Down The Coast (3:06)
06) Lady Lynda (3:20)
07) Little Girl (1:23)
08) Angel Come Home - Track (2:53)
09) Shortenin' Bread - Track (1:34)
10) Good Timin' - Lead & Track Only (1:54)
11) Skatetown, USA (2:05)
12) Brian's Back - Track (2:51)
13) Be My Baby (2:50)
14) Hey There, Momma - aka Walkin' (2:03)
15) Stevie (3:06)
16) California Feeling (2:38)
17) Runaway (2:19)
18) Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (2:18)
19) Bop Bop On The Beach (:49)

Total Time = 44:36


46) Heroes And Villain Sessions Vol 2


45) Barbara & I've Got A Friend

Since I'm out of retirement I thought I would share this collection of 2 Dennis Wilson songs performed a few times in 1971-1972 but never released. This is all MP3 as well:

01) Barbara (3:40)
1971/09/24 Carnegie Hall, NYC

02) Barbara -> I've Got A Friend (6:05)
Performed as a medley 1971/11/07 Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

03) I've Got A Friend (4:07)
1971/12/03 Long Beach, CA

04) I've Got A Friend (5:40)
1972/05/09 Munich

05) I've Got A Friend (5:54)
06) I've Got A Friend (6:02)
Both from 1972/05/10 Luxembourg but both from different sources and therefore of different quality

07) I've Got A Friend (5:20)
1972/05/13 Rotterdam

08) I've Got A Friend (5:29)
1972/11/06 Athens, GA


If anybody has any other recordings, please leave a comment. Also if anybody has any corrections as far as dates, etc. leave a comment.

44) Lei'd In Hawaii (1967)

Hi, folks. It's been over a year since I posted anything new up here. So here are the complete Hawaii & Weider tapes. Do what thou will with them:

1st Disc:
1967/08/25 Honolulu International Center
Introduction / The Letter / Hawaii / You're So Good To Me / Surfer Girl / Surfin' / Gettin' Hungry / California Girls / Wouldn't It Be Nice / Heroes And Villains / God Only Knows / Good Vibrations / Barbara Ann / Outro
1967/09/11 Wally Heider's Studio (Hollywood, CA)
You're So Good To Me / Help Me Rhonda / Surfer Girl (Rehearsal) / Surfer Girl / California Girls (Rehearsal) / California Girls / Surfin' (Rehearsal) / God Only Knows (Rehearsal) / God Only Knows (Takes 1-6) / God Only Knows / Good Vibrations (Rehearsal) / Heroes And Villains / The Letter (from Rarities)

2nd Disc:
1967/08/26 Honolulu International Center
Hawthorne Boulevard / Hawaii / You're So Good To Me / Help Me Rhonda / California Girls / Wouldn't It Be Nice / Gettin' Hungry / Surfer Girl / Surfin' / Sloop John B / The Letter / God Only Knows / Good Vibrations / Heroes And Villains / Barbara Ann

3rd Disc:
Misc. Bonus Recordings
Lei'd In Hawaii Tape: God Only Knows / California Girls / Surfer Girl / You're So Good To Me / The Letter / Help Me Rhonda / Heroes And Villains / Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
Uncut: Heroes And Villains (7:51 version which ends with Brian singing about cunnilingus)
Endless Harmony: God Only Knows
1993 Box Set: Surfer Girl
Live In London Bonus: Heroes And Villains
Smiley Smile Bonus: Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
Hawthorne CA: Good Vibrations

Everything is MP3 (as a matter of fact I only have the 26th show in MP3 format) but makes a nice quick download and covers the entire fiasco nicely.