Wednesday, November 18, 2009

09) 1972/08/23 Boston Commons

This show is legendary. Backed with an orchestra on the 2nd set, this may be the only live rendition of Dennis Wilson's "Cuddle Up" that I am familiar with.

Some positives:
- The band is in the peak of their live power with their greatest line-up ever!
- Many songs that were later dropped from their live set!

Some negatives:
- Audience recording, although not too bad for the era but the taper's batteries ran out during the second set (during "Cuddle Up") so the speed starts getting sort of "whacked".
- The audience is totally unappreciative and disrespectful to the point of constantly heckling the band. Very depressing.

Yet, I love this document. This is history and is mostly fun to listen to. There is no evidence to support that this show was ever recorded professionally.

Some info HERE and HERE.


01) Marcella (7:46)
02) Wouldn't It Be Nice (3:09)
03) Long Promised Road (5:54)
04) Here She Comes (6:55)
05) Heroes And Villains (4:09)
06) Only With You (5:23)
07) Wild Honey (5:29)
08) Surfing USA (3:54)
09) Student Demonstration Time (7:27)
10) God Only Knows (2:48)
01) Let The Wind Blow (4:16)
02) Cuddle Up (6:20)
03) Wonderbill (6:03)
04) Surf's Up (4:42)
05) Do It Again (4:11)
06) Sloop John B (4:03)
07) Good Vibrations (6:11)
08) I Get Around (3:16)
09) Fun Fun Fun (3:21)
10) Jumping Jack Flash (4:17)

Total Time 01:39:34


  1. Another great show from an incredible era of the Beach Boys. Too bad the taping on most of these shows is so bad, but we are happy for what we can get! The Princeton Show is one of the best era audience tapes. Question again: Is this lossy or in FLAC? Thanks...Pete

  2. I only have this concert in MP3 but I do have the Princeton show in FLAC. I have a ton of concerts in MP3 that probably originated from trader's cassettes. It would be nice to get our hands on some of the masters and make the definitive copies in FLAC.