Thursday, December 24, 2009

27) Live In Japan 1966

Nobody seems to know the actual date of this recording but we know it was in January, 1966 during the Pet Sounds sessions.



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

26) Hanszun's Recording Of Brian In Holland 1972

A very well respected BB authority claims that this recording is in fact Al Jardine. But the owner of the original tape has this to say about it:

"will you tell mikey, thanks and everybody else it was brian, it was on my own recorder. marilyn and i became friends during that time, my wife baked bread for both brian and dennis
and his family, and brian and marylin even came to my house in amsterdam, where i gave him some albums by the dutch group Supersister which he liked apparently."


"When Brian Wilson and the other Beach Boys ,recorded Holland in Holland, I lent Brian a small UHER reel to reel tape recorder, so he could have something for ideas at home...
when i got it back, when he left for the usa again, it still had some music and parts of a song on a tape."

Have fun with this one. It is made up of 3 files:
01) Daddy Dear / Suzie Cincinnati - Original untouched MP3
02) Daddy Dear / Suzie Cincinnati - Mono mix MP3 (much better sounding)
03) Daddy Dear - Labeled "Master" and completely a mystery

If anybody here can identify the person or persons responsible for #3, I will personally dance at your next funeral. Or even something better.


Monday, December 21, 2009

25) Remember The Zoo? (CITOP015)

Thank you again, DJole! The first installment in the "Album That Never Was" series from Cork In The Ocean Productions. You probably want to check out THIS to understand what this disc is all about. An excellent early Xmas present for sure!


Much more to come very soon!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

24) You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (Video)

This is from a 1972 appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test. You may have seen it on YouTube but here it is in much better quality and it is complete. Somehow I accidentally uploaded it to Megaporn instead of Megaupload but I don't think that will cause any problems.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

23) 1972/05/09 Circus-Krone-Bau - Munich, West Germany

How about another essential 1972 show? Some information can be found HERE.


22) CITOP013-014: I Get Around

Thanks to DJole, here we go again for another installment of the Cork In The Ocean Productions series. This one covers February through April, 1964.

The Honeys:
01 He's a Doll (Take 2, 17.02.64)
02 He's a Doll (Take 6, 17.02.64)
03 He's a Doll (Take 1, 17.02.64)
04 He's a Doll (Take 7, 17.02.64)
05 He's a Doll (Take 8, 17.02.64)
06 He's A Doll (track, 17.02.64)
07 He's a Doll (Vocal Overdub, 17.02.64)
08 He's a Doll (Instrumental Insert, 17.02.64)

Larry Denton:
09 Endless Sleep (Instrumental-Take 2, 18.02.64)
10 Endless Sleep (Instrumental-Take 3, 18.02.64)
11 Endless Sleep (2nd Track, Take 1, 18.02.64)
12 Endless Sleep (2nd Track, Take 2, 18.02.64)
13 Endless Sleep (2nd Track, Take 3, 18.02.64)
14 Endless Sleep (3rd Track, Take 1, 18.02.64)
15 Endless Sleep (3rd Track, Take 2, 18.02.64)
16 Endless Sleep (track, 18.02.64)
17 Endless Sleep (Unreleased Single, 18.02.64)

18 Paul Paterson - She Rides With Me (Single, 03.64)

"Shut Down Volume Two" (LP):
19 Fun Fun Fun (LP, 02.03.64)
20 Don't Worry Baby (LP, 02.03.64)
21 In The Parkin' Lot (LP, 02.03.64)
22 'Cassius' Love Vs. 'Sonny' Wilson (LP, 02.03.64)
23 The Warmth Of The Sun (LP, 02.03.64)
24 This Car Of Mine (LP, 02.03.64)
25 Why Do Fools Fall In Love (LP, 02.03.64)
26 Pom Pom Play Girl (LP, 02.03.64)
27 Keep An Eye On Summer (LP, 02.03.64)
28 Shut Down, Part II (LP, 02.03.64)
29 Louie Louie (LP, 02.03.64)
30 Denny's Drums (LP, 02.03.64)

31 Ganz Allein (1st Vocal Overdub Take 13, 03.03.64)
32 Ganz Allein (2nd Vocal Overdub Take 13, 03.03.64)
33 Ganz Allein ('In My Room' In German, 03.03.64)

Gary Usher - Sacramento (track, 05.03.64)

The Castells:
35 I Do (Single, 09.03.64)
36 Teardrops (Single, 09.03.64)

01 Fun Fun Fun (Steve Allen Show, 12.03.64)
02 Intro - Fun, Fun, Fun (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
03 Long Tall Texan (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
04 Little Deuce Coupe (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
05 Surfer Girl (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
06 Surfin' USA (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
07 Shut Down (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
08 In My Room (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
09 Papa Oom-Mow-Mow (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
10 Hawaii (Lost Concert, 14.03.64)
11 Don't Worry Baby - Interview with Dick Clark (American Bandstand, 14.03.64)

'Muscle Beach Party' OST:
12 Donna Loren - Muscle Bustle ('Muscle Beach Party'OST, 03.64)
13 Donna Loren with Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Muscle Beach Party ('Muscle Beach Party' OST, 03.64)
14 Frankie Avalon, Annette & Cast - Surfers Holiday ('Muscle Beach Party' OST, 03.64)
15 Annette - Muscle Bustle ('Muscle Beach Party' OST, 03.64)
16 Frankie Avalon - Runnin' Wild ('Muscle Beach Party' OST, 03.64)
17 Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - My First Love ('Muscle Beach Party' OST, 03.64)
18 Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Muscle Beach Party ('Muscle Beach Party' OST, 03.64)
19 The Super Stocks - Surfers Holiday ('Muscle Beach Party' OST, 03.64)

20 I Get Around (Rehearsals, 02.04.64)
21 I Get Around (Rehearsals, 02.04.64)
22 I Get Around (Takes 4-6, 02.04.64)
23 I Get Around (Take 7, 02.04.64)
24 I Get Around (Takes 8-9, 02.04.64)
25 I Get Around (Take 10, 02.04.64)
26 I Get Around (Take 11, 02.04.64)
27 I Get Around (Takes 12-14, 02.04.64)
28 I Get Around (Track Only, 02.04.64)
29 I Get Around (Vocal Overdub, 10.04.64)
30 I Get Around (Instrumental Insert, 10.04.64)
31 I Get Around (Stereo Backing Track, 10.04.64)
32 I Get Around (Stereo Mix, 10.04.64)





REMEMBER THE ZOO (Coming very soon)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

21) Central Park NY, NY September 1st, 1977

Were you there? I would love to hear your stories! There is some info here about this very nice sounding audience recording from an interesting live era. Got all of the Wilson brothers here for instance.

Set list:
01) Audience And Noise (1:05)
02) California Girls (3:13)
03) Darlin' (2:57)
04) Sloop John B (3:19)
05) Little Deuce Coupe (2:40)
06) In My Room (3:11)
07) Sail On Sailor (4:55)
08) California Saga: California (3:18)
09) Airplane (3:12)
10) Back Home (3:34)
11) Surfer Girl (2:28)
12) Lady Lynda (4:33)
13) Catch A Wave (2:37)
14) It's OK (2:08)
15) Love Is A Woman (3:16)
16) Roller Skating Child (2:04)
17) Everyone's In Love With You (2:29)
18) Feel Flows (5:51)
19) Heroes And Villains (3:59)
20) Help Me Rhonda (3:53)
21) I Get Around (2:18)
22) Good Vibrations (5:24)
23) Surfin' USA (2:39)
24) Fun Fun Fun (2:44)


20) Live In 1979 (Unknown Venue and Location)

Anybody want to try to figure out the information on this one? This is just the way I received it. Setlist:

01) California Girls (3:03)
02) Sloop John B (3:05)
03) Darlin' (2:10)
04) Shortenin' Bread (2:46)
05) Do It Again (2:43)
06) Little Deuce Coupe (2:09)
07) Roller Skating Child (2:13)
08) Peggy Sue (2:24)
09) In My Room (3:14)

If you have any idea which concert this is, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment.


19) 1972/02/25 Congrescentrum - Amsterdam, Netherlands

At a total time of 08:13, this is a very short two song set. According to Keith Badman's book, this was from a tv show where they performed two more songs. If this is the case, this performance was already posted on "Dutch Treat". However the versions on "Dutch Treat" sound terrible compared to the two songs here. Have you ever wanted a truly beautiful sounding stereo soundboard of a live "Surf's Up"? Look no further.

01) Sloop John B (3:14)
02) Surf's Up (4:59)


Let me know what you think and if anybody finds out more detailed information about this, please let me know!

Monday, December 7, 2009

18) Wall Street

Okay, I was feeling a little bad about throwing this one out but screw it. This is a masterpiece that everybody should hear. It's a Van Dyke Parks composition written on September 11th, 2002 about the date one year earlier. It is simply incredible. If you still have dry eyes after hearing this one, move on to Anvil or Judas Priest.

I e-mailed Van Dyke about releasing this song and although he did get back to me it seemed liked he scrapped the whole idea of a new studio album. If he happens to check out this blog and does not like it being here I will pull it immediately. But it has to be heard. I cannot hold this to my own without sharing with the rest of the class.


I don't feel like laughin' now I could use a laugh and how
I could use a telephone All alone Me and my old radio
Let's forget the news all right We won't get the blues tonight
Just gotta get together Tell that so and so
Shankin' the Big Apple tree Barkin' for a bite
You see sun is up on New York town Honkin' round run down my Battery
Drop me off at Walk Don't Walk It's about another block
And it's been lovely here on Wall Street

I can see nothin' but ash in the air Confetti all colored with blood
The jewel-encrusted mud-flattened Hudson
She's beaten and battered and buttressed and broke
Dining on dregs, gone begging, no joking
And in the confetti is human desire, love-letters lost in space, now smoking
The mouth of the river yawning south to the sea

In this cloud of disarray Floats a falling man in grey
Upside down and holding hands with his mate Why wait for speculation?
Like two stones we gravitate There's no time to hesitate
Just time to say I love you Say I love you Wall Street

Two flaming birds on fire They kiss their lives good-bye
Whereon the concrete street they meet in dying Without a trace of our embrace
You can't place my face though you are trying
'Til dust will stop our labored love We must drop all fear now of flying
A heart-beat from The Hudson down to the sea