Tuesday, December 8, 2009

20) Live In 1979 (Unknown Venue and Location)

Anybody want to try to figure out the information on this one? This is just the way I received it. Setlist:

01) California Girls (3:03)
02) Sloop John B (3:05)
03) Darlin' (2:10)
04) Shortenin' Bread (2:46)
05) Do It Again (2:43)
06) Little Deuce Coupe (2:09)
07) Roller Skating Child (2:13)
08) Peggy Sue (2:24)
09) In My Room (3:14)

If you have any idea which concert this is, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment.



  1. What you apparently have is the first 30 minutes from the May 15, 1979 concert in Springfield, MA that was recorded for a possible "King Biscuit Flower Hour." According to Brad Elliott in "Surf's Up: The Beach Boys On Record":

    "DIR Broadcasting Corp. recorded a pair of Beach Boys concerts on a mobile 24-track unit for a proposed 'King Biscuit Flower Hour' radio special. Thirty minutes of the Springfield show were mixed to stereo by DIR and submitted to the group for approval. The Beach Boys rejected the mix and eventually the entire project... The 30-minute DIR stereo mix included the first 10 songs. An excellent quality tape exists."

    The songs you've listed match exactly the first 10 tracks of the setlist of the Springfield show.

  2. Interesting. I knew I had an incomplete show and wondered what it was. For some reason I thought this was an audience recording and not a multi-track. I'll have to check it out again. Thanks for the information!

  3. I just listened to the recording with headphones, and it's definitely not an audience tape. It's true stereo, with vocals and instruments placed distinctly across the full soundstage. Unfortunately, it sounds like it's many generations away from the master tape, so it's muffled and indistinct in too many places. I'd love to hear this in pristine quality! Performances of "Shortenin' Bread" and "Roller Skatin' Child" are RARE!

  4. It would be nice to have a copy of the master. This is true with a lot of the MP3s I have. Weird fades and edits and such. I would love to have a shot at remastering from the original recordings.