Wednesday, December 23, 2009

26) Hanszun's Recording Of Brian In Holland 1972

A very well respected BB authority claims that this recording is in fact Al Jardine. But the owner of the original tape has this to say about it:

"will you tell mikey, thanks and everybody else it was brian, it was on my own recorder. marilyn and i became friends during that time, my wife baked bread for both brian and dennis
and his family, and brian and marylin even came to my house in amsterdam, where i gave him some albums by the dutch group Supersister which he liked apparently."


"When Brian Wilson and the other Beach Boys ,recorded Holland in Holland, I lent Brian a small UHER reel to reel tape recorder, so he could have something for ideas at home...
when i got it back, when he left for the usa again, it still had some music and parts of a song on a tape."

Have fun with this one. It is made up of 3 files:
01) Daddy Dear / Suzie Cincinnati - Original untouched MP3
02) Daddy Dear / Suzie Cincinnati - Mono mix MP3 (much better sounding)
03) Daddy Dear - Labeled "Master" and completely a mystery

If anybody here can identify the person or persons responsible for #3, I will personally dance at your next funeral. Or even something better.



  1. What a stragley wierd unique piece of Beach Boys recordings! The first time through, it sounds like Al & Carl on 1 and obviously 2. There seems to be a change at 1:51, with the piano style becoming more like Brian, but it is Susie is an Al song, so I can't say for sure. Maybe more concentrated listing will help. As to track 3, it sort of appears that this is a studio attempt at soing womething with the Daddy Dear song. Any other thoughts out there?? Pete

  2. to me #3 sounds like a composite of the piano demos (with mistakes removed) with a backing track added (atleast, that's what i think) i don't know weather this was an overdub attempt by the band, or added on by fans (it's a good job either way, a truly mesmerising tune)

  3. Of course you are both right about #3. I just want to know who is responsible. It's some very good work.

  4. # 3 gives me - as usual w/some of the BB's tunes - a lump in the stomach!! Soooo beautiful! Wonder what else is in the vaults???? Thanks to whoever!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks to all of the great people who share with the rest of us!