Tuesday, December 8, 2009

19) 1972/02/25 Congrescentrum - Amsterdam, Netherlands

At a total time of 08:13, this is a very short two song set. According to Keith Badman's book, this was from a tv show where they performed two more songs. If this is the case, this performance was already posted on "Dutch Treat". However the versions on "Dutch Treat" sound terrible compared to the two songs here. Have you ever wanted a truly beautiful sounding stereo soundboard of a live "Surf's Up"? Look no further.

01) Sloop John B (3:14)
02) Surf's Up (4:59)


Let me know what you think and if anybody finds out more detailed information about this, please let me know!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Awesome quality!!

  2. Yes, this matches two of the 4 songs on the Dutch Treat, and this is much, much better. The Dutch Treat is in mono, this is stereo, but a stereo version of the 4 song version is also out there, but still not a clean as this one. Thanks again. Look forward to more from this era, or even a little earlier, especially if they can be put in FLAC. You may wish to check out HungerCity as another place to upload stuff. They have tons of great stuff but NO Beach Boys at all...Pete P.S., I can't seem to access your email address from here.