Tuesday, December 8, 2009

21) Central Park NY, NY September 1st, 1977

Were you there? I would love to hear your stories! There is some info here about this very nice sounding audience recording from an interesting live era. Got all of the Wilson brothers here for instance.

Set list:
01) Audience And Noise (1:05)
02) California Girls (3:13)
03) Darlin' (2:57)
04) Sloop John B (3:19)
05) Little Deuce Coupe (2:40)
06) In My Room (3:11)
07) Sail On Sailor (4:55)
08) California Saga: California (3:18)
09) Airplane (3:12)
10) Back Home (3:34)
11) Surfer Girl (2:28)
12) Lady Lynda (4:33)
13) Catch A Wave (2:37)
14) It's OK (2:08)
15) Love Is A Woman (3:16)
16) Roller Skating Child (2:04)
17) Everyone's In Love With You (2:29)
18) Feel Flows (5:51)
19) Heroes And Villains (3:59)
20) Help Me Rhonda (3:53)
21) I Get Around (2:18)
22) Good Vibrations (5:24)
23) Surfin' USA (2:39)
24) Fun Fun Fun (2:44)



  1. Wasn't at this show, but a few of the shows I WAS at include the Whiskey show from November 7, 1970 (not the Nov 6th one that is around) Also saw the Hollywood Paladium from early 1973 and the Anaheim show from November 1973. All great shows, especially the Whiskey - the greatest! The Paladium was hotter than a pistel as well. Unfortuantely I had to sit through over an hour of Mason Profit as the warm up act. Still up for a trade. Got a few unique items, I think. Pete

  2. Stephen Elliott Jr. and I caught the subway in SoHo and even before we got on the train the station was full of concert goers. As the train got nearer to Central Park the percentage of subway passengers that were going to the concert had to be 90%. It was obvious the concert was going to be huge. Everyone was in a great mood. The concert was great fun and the day remains etched in my memory.

  3. I was there in 1977.Came from Flushing Queens by train with around 12 friends.Lost them all but my girlfriend,Diane.We were able to get dead center and about a row back from the stage.The weather was great. The music was even better.Has to have been one of the great concerts.Every one in Central Park was going there.I"m 55 and have moved to Georgia, but I I can still remember it as it was yesterday.I still have the news paper with us in it looking down from the stage