Thursday, November 19, 2009

10) 1972/03/?? NYSU or St. John's University?

This has been available for a long time noted as being St. John's University in Jamaica, NY dated 1972/03/08. However in Keith Badman's book, their tour didn't start until March 16th in Albany, NY. The set list for that show perfectly matches the contents of this recording so I have been using that date and venue since. To make it more confusing, read this. Incidentally, Badman's book has them taking the day off on the 25th and never setting foot in St. John's University. Who do we believe?

Anyway, fantastic performance and very decent audience recording from that era. During "Wonderbill" Carl stops the performance to tell off some people who were fighting in the audience and threatens to stop the show (Mike talks some shit too!).

01) Wouldn't It Be Nice
02) Long Promised Road
03) Sloop John B
04) Take A Load Off Your Feet
05) Cool Cool Water
06) Disney Girls (1957)
07) Do It Again
08) Heroes And Villains
09) Wild Honey
10) Surfin' USA
11) Surf's Up
12) Let The Wind Blow
13) Darlin'
14) Wonderbill
15) God Only Knows
16) Help Me Rhonda
17) Student Demonstration Time
18) Good Vibrations
19) California Girls
20) Surfer Girl
21) I Get Around

Interesting to also note that this line-up still has Bruce but also has Blondie and Ricky.




  1. Very confusing indeed! It seems from what Bellagio says, he is not too fond of Badman's book. I wish we could definately nail this one down, but the 3/16/72 date seems right to me, even though Bellagio says definately 3/25/72. Any further thoughts??? And, again, FLAC? Pete

  2. No. So sorry. Another one I do not have in FLAC just MP3. And this actually is my favorite concert from this era. I do have two different sources for it though but since they are lossy I can't really be bothered with syncing them up. But still, like Boston and a lot of my other uploads, you'll still enjoy it. And I will try to post more FLAC in the future.

  3. I created the artwork as well as posted this disc to BZone. At the time, all I had was the date someone had given me when I got the disc. Since then I have purchased Keith Badman's book (there is no listing for March 25, 1972) and I also use Bellagio's reference site ( which lists the date of this concert as March 25.

    I have updated the artwork and listing on BZone to show the date as March 25.