Sunday, July 24, 2011

45) Barbara & I've Got A Friend

Since I'm out of retirement I thought I would share this collection of 2 Dennis Wilson songs performed a few times in 1971-1972 but never released. This is all MP3 as well:

01) Barbara (3:40)
1971/09/24 Carnegie Hall, NYC

02) Barbara -> I've Got A Friend (6:05)
Performed as a medley 1971/11/07 Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

03) I've Got A Friend (4:07)
1971/12/03 Long Beach, CA

04) I've Got A Friend (5:40)
1972/05/09 Munich

05) I've Got A Friend (5:54)
06) I've Got A Friend (6:02)
Both from 1972/05/10 Luxembourg but both from different sources and therefore of different quality

07) I've Got A Friend (5:20)
1972/05/13 Rotterdam

08) I've Got A Friend (5:29)
1972/11/06 Athens, GA


If anybody has any other recordings, please leave a comment. Also if anybody has any corrections as far as dates, etc. leave a comment.


  1. Phenomenal. The 5/10/72 performance always shines through no matter what the technical limitations are. It seems that Athens performance is actually yet another source of the 5/10/72 show. Either way, this is ace.

    This and the 1972/02/24 The Gala Du Disc tracks have been revelations! That whole show must be amazing.

  2. One day time travel will enable us all to travel back to catch these gigs and experience bliss. Many thanks!

  3. Please Please Please repost this, please?