Friday, July 29, 2011

48) California Feeling

01) California Feeling (2:50)
02) California Dreamin' (3:04)
03) Brian's Back (2:45)
04) Skatetown USA (2:13)
05) We're Together Again (2:05)
06) Sherry She Needs Me (2:45)
07) Our Team (2:31)
08) River Song (4:12)
09) How About A Little Bit Of Your Sweet Love (1:30)
10) One Of A Kind (3:11)
11) I'm Begging You Please (1:42)
12) Marilyn Rovell (1:54)
13) Santa Ana Winds (2:54)
14) We Gotta Groove (2:13)
15) Looking Down The Coast (3:18)
16) Carry Me Home (3:56)
17) Lazy Lizzie (3:57)
18) Be My Baby (3:01)
19) You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (3:53)
20) Ruby Ruby (2:25)
21) Mony Mony (2:51)
22) Calendar Girl (3:40)

Total Time = 1:02:50


Mystery Bonus Tracks


  1. Hey man! Nice to see you back after all this time!!!! Good you decided to return!
    How you've been?
    And where the hell did you get all those "Mystery Bonus Tracks"?!?! What the f*ck is that stuff?!?
    Cheers mate!

  2. Hi, DJole. Glad to be back. Look for some previous "unbooted" stuff to show up here soon.

    And if I told you where the "Mystery Bonus Tracks" came from then it wouldn't be a mystery any more, would it???

    Cheers to you, my good man!

  3. I think I have an idea (from) where it came from, but don't wanna spoil the 'mystery', I'll probably e-mail you the answer?!?

  4. "Loop De Loop (Live)" is my favorite of the "Mystery Bonus Tracks". I often play it on endless loop to annoy my wife and son.

  5. Gaping Anus is a great song.

  6. Whoa. "Carry Me Home" has the full ending and the studio dialogue.